Q & A Newborn Session

You may have noticed I have been shooting quite a few newborn sessions lately! Wondering how it works? I’m going to answer a few common questions!

Q: Do you have a studio or do you come to my home?

A: I come to your home, wherever that may be! I try to make the process as stress free and easy for the new parents as possible. (And the new baby!) This way you have all the necessities you may need available to you.

Q: How long does the session last?

A: Newborn sessions typically last from 1-3 hours. This gives time for setup/breakdown and for the baby to take breaks to eat or be comforted.

Q: Do you provide props/backgrounds?

A: Yes! I come prepared with multiple props/hats/headbands/blankets and backgrounds. I always ask ahead of time if the parents have a specific color scheme in mind.

Q: Can we include mom/dad/sibling shots as well?

A: I am always game for including family members in the images! In fact, I encourage it! Variety is always a good thing with sessions.

Q: How soon do we schedule the pictures?

A: I recommend you inquire with me when you are around halfway through your pregnancy, so that I can pencil in your due date. I will be sure to leave time open around your due date. Then when you new baby arrives, let me know and we can schedule a date. It’s best to take the images when the baby is between 4-10 days old, that is when the are the most sleepy!

Do you know a friend or family member who is expecting? A gift certificate for a newborn photography session makes a great and unique baby shower gift! Babies grow so quickly, getting those images in their first week is so important!

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Baby Owen – Eight Days New!

I have had the pleasure of meeting so many new babies this winter! What a wonderful way to spend the cold months! Owen was so great, didn’t cry at all. And we even got his “fur sibling” Bailey in a few images. smile emoticon Welcome to the world little guy!

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Q & A

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I was relaxing this afternoon with a little bit of Pinterest browsing, and I came across this “Questions to ask your Wedding Photographer” list. I figured I would go ahead and save you all the time and answer them for you!
1. What is your preferred style of photography? Natural Light, Candid, & Simple
2. How many weddings have you shot in your career? Too many to count! I have lots of experience shooting my own weddings, as well as assisting other photographers with their own clients. 
3. How many weddings will you shoot on my wedding day? I dedicate a whole day to YOU AND ONLY YOU.
4. Have you ever shot at my venue? If I have not, I would be more than willing to take a visit with you! It’s great to scout out photo opportunities ahead of time.
5. Do you bring in your own lighting? YES! While I do love shooting mostly with natural light, I bring my own flashes to your reception/ceremony in case the natural light is not adequate. 
6. Do you work from a shot list? I will work with the Bride & Groom before the wedding day to come up with a list that best fits their needs and wants!
7. Can I request certain images are taken at the wedding? Of course! I will do everything in my power to attain the shots you are looking for. 
8. How many hours are included in your package? I have various packages ranging from 4-8 hours, however I can adjust those times if needed.
9. Do you bring a second shooter? All of my packages include a second shooter!
10. How many images can I expect to see from my wedding? More than you will know what to do with! It all depends on how many hours I am at your wedding for. Generally it’s a minimum of 400 images.
11. Do you have a limit to the amount of images you will edit? No! I will go over every image I take and work on basic editing. I love my images looking as natural and timeless as possible. I will get rid of any major blemishes for you, as well as give you a black and white copy to every image.
12. How long does it take to see the proofs from my wedding? You will get a preview on my blog within a few days of your wedding! I can hardly wait to get something up for you to see! Your password protected gallery will be available for you to see within 3-4 weeks.
13. Do I receive a disc of images or do I have to order all prints through you? I offer a USB drive with all of the high resolution images with your Wedding Package. You have the rights to print as you please with those images.
14. Will you use my images in any advertising? I will use them only on my website/blog unless otherwise agreed upon with my clients.