Mori and Angel – Five Bridge Inn {Rehoboth, MA}

A beautiful and private Bed and Breakfast is where these two families (partially from Israel, partially from Puerto Rico, and partly from the USA) decided to become one. I may not have known what everybody was saying, but you sure could feel the love.

Mori and Angel spent their mornings getting ready at the beautiful Five Bridge Inn, and had a lovely ceremony out front surrounded by their friends and family. This was my first Jewish ceremony, and I loved every bit of it. There is something so special about all the symbolism that goes into every aspect of what was happening.

The reception was beautifully done under a light filled tent, with pearls and purple shades draped around. Including hints of chalkboard, my favorite! Mori and Angel are Salsa dancers, so you can imagine the dancing was UNBELIEVABLE all around. There is nothing I love more than seeing a dance floor packed!!

I loved celebrating with you guys! I can tell you are meant to be. Enjoy!!!

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