Tanya and Marvin – A Chez Josef Wedding

This event was an elegant Tiffany & Co. themed wedding at a venue in Agawam, MA! Tanya got ready in her family’s beautiful home with her closest relatives and bridesmaids. Then we ended the day in the luxurious Chez Josef with bling all around. I especially enjoyed the live music throughout the night by the talented Noah Lis! Congrats to Tanya and Marvin, a couple who truly knows how to have fun!

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Ashley Senior Portraits – Stanley Park

It’s been SO long since I have taken photos as Stanley Park! There are so many great opportunities there! I took photos for Ashley and her family last fall and had the pleasure of working with them again. Have a great senior year, Ashley!

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Amanda and Matt – A Falmouth Engagement Session

How often do I end up with a session as perfect as this? Not often enough!!! An adorable couple and beautiful breezy evening on Cape Cod. These sweethearts met at college in New Hampshire and you can tell they are meant to be. Thanks for picking such a beautiful spot, guys! A pleasure to meet you!

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