I have a special treat to share with everybody on this gloomy Saturday! I want to share with you guys some of the fine art film photography I worked on in school when I attended The New England School of Photography. When I first entered NESOP in 2008, I was straight out of high school. I didn’t necessarily know what type of photography I wanted to specialize in at first. I actually didn’t take many portraits in the beginning! (Imagine that!) The first year in the two year program, every student has to take certain classes involving a wide spectrum of subjects including: Film, Digital, Studio, Commercial, Fine Art, Portraits. Your second year you can pick a few subjects to specialize in. Finally by the end of two years ending up with a Major and a Minor. While I really enjoyed my fine art days that I started out in, I am extremely happy that I ended up with a Major in Editorial Photography, and a Minor in Portraiture. I never thought I would end up being a Wedding and Portrait Photographer. You really never know where life is going to bring you!