Rachel and Thomas – A Yachting Club Wedding

When I connected with Rachel and Thomas last year, I was instantly excited at the thought of a wedding in Mystic CT! I mostly photograph in Massachusetts, so of course I jumped at the opportunity of something new! I met with them for a lovely fall engagement session at Harkness Memorial Park (my fav!). They were so natural together, and had great smiles!

Their wedding day started out with Rachel and just a couple of close friends getting ready at the Navy Lodge near by. And Thomas with his brother and father. I love when couple chooses to make the day more intimate and quiet. Rachel and Thomas certainly had a few unique elements that I loved. Instead of renting an expensive limo for a short ride, her and her best friends called up an Uber! How surprised the driver must have been to find out he was bringing a Bride to the chapel! Thomas waited at the Coast Guard Academy Chapel with their closest family and friends for Rachel to arrive. The ceremony was beautiful, you could feel the love!

One thing that Rachel and Thomas definitely planned right was the amount of time for photos. It’s so important!! There is nothing worse than having your wedding day feeling rushed. We got to take photos in three locations that day and it was all super relaxed. (Not to mention we all got to take an ice cream break at the couple’s favorite ice cream spot!!)

They finished the day with dinner and dancing at the Mystic Yachting club right on the harbor. People were playing corn hole and enjoying the beautiful weather. And can I just say there was some killer dancing by the kids??? They have better dance moves than me!

Congrats, Rachel and Thomas! It was a pleasure being apart of your day!

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