Nadyne and Mike – A Stanley Park Wedding

This colorful wedding at Stanley Park did not have one ounce of stress the entire day! Nadyne and Mike certainly planned things well.

Nadyne got ready at her sister’s home only 15 minutes from Stanley Park. Everything was leisurely and they got to enjoy some pink champagne that matched with her day! Mike got ready at his home with the guys, and got picked up in the bright pink limo! I love how everything coordinated.

The ceremony was short and sweet, and WARM! But it was sunny and beautiful so nobody cared. There was a smile everywhere. We had plenty of time for photos afterwards around the park. They even got to go into the tower because Nadyne had a relative who worked there! We stopped on our way to the reception hall to have a few quick images taken at Nadyne’s childhood home with her parents.

At the reception pink could be seen in every special touch! We got to drive around the golf carts for a few special photos on the golf course at East Mountain Country Club. Then it was time to eat and party! And I have to say, the food was amazing!

Enjoy being newlyweds, guys!!



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