Vicki and Shaun – A Ludlow Country Club Wedding

It really goes to show that you have no idea what will happen when shooting a wedding! The morning of Vicki and Shaun’s wedding the weather forecast was 80% chance of rain for the entire day! We walked into the ceremony with it pouring, and the sun came out during the ceremony! I was expecting all of the photos to be taken indoors or with umbrellas, but we got to take all of the formal photos outside with beautiful lighting. (People don’t realize this, but overcast weather actually makes for gorgeous light for photography!)

I hope you guys are having a fantastic honeymoon in Italy, guys! It was an honor being a part of your day. These photos turned out to be some of my favorites from this year. Enjoy!


Ashley and Jamie – A Colonial Hotel Wedding

I’ve know Ashley and Jamie for some time now! My brother-in-law has been friends with Jamie as long as I’ve known him, and I have to say I was honored to be apart of his and Ashley’s wedding day! (Not to mention maternity photos and first birthday photos for their little man, JB!)

Everything took place at the Colonial Hotel in Gardner. They have such a beautiful set up, especially in the fall! The foliage behind the ceremony site was so pretty. Ashley got ready with her bridesmaids in a super laid back environment. And Jamie certainly had some laughs with his groomsmen!

After a special first look, we got to take all of the family and formal photos. Which left me plenty of time to take all of the detail images during cocktail hour! That was exciting because I loved the color scheme of purple and orange. Fall is definitely my favorite wedding season for decor. The ceremony was short and sweet, with a smile on everybody’s face. Afterwards, the bridal party enjoyed some appetizers while planning their entrances into the reception! Which were the best i’ve seen in a long time!!

I was able to stick around at the reception long enough to get some great dancing shots and some fun candids. The DJ certainly did a fantastic job getting everybody onto the dance floor!

Congrats, Ashley and Jamie! I wish your little family a lifetime of happiness!



Britney and Alex -A Purple Themed Fall Wedding

Britney and Alex tied the knot surrounded by family and friends in a beautiful church, in the town that I live in! Not only did they get married in my town of Wilbraham, it was even on the same street as my house!
We had a few showers in the morning, and the rain let up by the time the ceremony was finished. What a great wedding gift! All of the photos got to be taken outdoors! This wedding was planned right, we plenty of time for the family photos. No stress was had! The bridal party even stopped on the way to Forest Park to grab some snacks and drinks for the party bus!
The Sheraton did a great job setting up all of the details with shades of purple, and a hint of rustic elements! Everybody had a smile on their face by the end of the night, including me!
Congrats, guys! It was a pleasure.