Sarah and Tim – An OceanCliff Wedding

Sarah and Tim……. Where do I begin?! I had never met them before the big day, however we chatted on the phone multiple times and I could tell right away we would work super well together as their photographer for them!

This wedding located in Newport RI had me craving summer vacation in a serious way!! OceanCliff located right on the water really was a dream, inside and out. Can we talk about the huge windows in the bridal sweet and ballroom overlooking the water??

Their day went off without a hitch, and I enjoyed every second of it. I really don’t think I will ever get sick of photographing weddings. Especially with couples like Sarah and Tim!



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Amanda and Nick – A College of the Holy Cross Wedding

This wedding was a beautiful way to kick off my wedding season!! The weather was perfect for a wedding day! It had been in the 90s during the whole week leading up to their day, and I woke up that Saturday to a cool breeze and sunshine!

Their day took place on the Holy Cross campus located in Worcester, MA. Amanda is an Alumni, as well as lots of her close friends! The chapel that they said “I Do” in was gorgeous, followed by family photos outside on the campus. Can I take all my portrait sessions here??? It was a dream working at, with old brick buildings, large staircases, and ivy all around.

Their reception took place up the hill at Hogan Campus center that let sunshine spill into the ballroom by huge windows on one side. Us photographers love natural light!!

Can I mention one of my favorite parts to this day? The bridesmaids floral dresses! Oh how I loved them!

Thank you for sharing your day with me, Amanda and Nick. Here’s to a lifetime of laughter and happiness!

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