Sarah and Tim – An OceanCliff Wedding

Sarah and Tim……. Where do I begin?! I had never met them before the big day, however we chatted on the phone multiple times and I could tell right away we would work super well together as their photographer for them!

This wedding located in Newport RI had me craving summer vacation in a serious way!! OceanCliff located right on the water really was a dream, inside and out. Can we talk about the huge windows in the bridal sweet and ballroom overlooking the water??

Their day went off without a hitch, and I enjoyed every second of it. I really don’t think I will ever get sick of photographing weddings. Especially with couples like Sarah and Tim!



Untitled-3IMG_9760 copyUntitled-1IMG_9919 copyIMG_9830 copyIMG_9746 copyIMG_9810 copyIMG_9780 copyUntitled-2IMG_9880 copyIMG_9957 copyIMG_9924 copy0S8A9778 copy0S8A9804 copy0S8A9842 copyIMG_9988 copyIMG_0007 copyIMG_0016 copyIMG_0052 copyIMG_0062 copyIMG_0072 copyIMG_0098 copyIMG_0127 copyIMG_0154 copyIMG_0156 copyIMG_0164 copyUntitled-4IMG_0206 copyIMG_0257 copyIMG_0361 copyIMG_0385 copyIMG_0396 copyIMG_0483 copyIMG_0491 copyIMG_0497 copyIMG_0506 copyIMG_0520 copyIMG_0527 copyIMG_0541 copyIMG_0581 copyIMG_0600 copyIMG_0609 copyIMG_0622 copyIMG_0646 copyIMG_0658 copyIMG_0668 copyIMG_0680 copyIMG_0691 copyIMG_0761 copyIMG_0777 copyIMG_0798 copyIMG_0805 copyIMG_0828 copyIMG_0841 copyIMG_0856 copyIMG_0869 copyIMG_0875 copyIMG_0903 copyIMG_0923 copyIMG_0956 copyIMG_0962 copyIMG_0965 copyIMG_0969 copyIMG_0981 copyIMG_0991 copyIMG_0996 copyIMG_1018 copyIMG_1021 copyIMG_1027 copyIMG_1032 copyIMG_1043 copyIMG_1048 copyIMG_1056 copyIMG_1066 copyIMG_1080 copyIMG_1088 copyIMG_1095 copyIMG_1160 copyIMG_1178 copyIMG_1228 copyIMG_1241 copyIMG_1263 copyIMG_1279 copyIMG_1280 copyIMG_1331 copyIMG_1359 copyIMG_1504 copyIMG_1507 copyIMG_1525 copyIMG_1555 copyIMG_1584 copyIMG_1605 copyIMG_1611 copyIMG_1629 copyIMG_1638 copyIMG_1678 copyIMG_1705 copyIMG_1725 copyIMG_1744 copyIMG_1781 copyIMG_1783 copyIMG_1803 copy

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