Jill and Pete – An Intimate Cape Cod Wedding

Here it is!!! The long awaited for gigantic blog post! I’m not sure I have ever included this many image before…. Probably because I rarely get HOURS worth of bridal and family portraits! Normally I have minutes!

Jill and Pete are highschool sweethearts who got married at Jill’s family Cape house. Everything about the day and decor was just a little bit different than the norm…. AND I LOVED IT. It was truly one of those days where I said to myself “Working hard…. Or Hardly Working?” 

We started with a first look at Nobska Lighthouse in Falmouth, MA. We got to take some portraits there and then drive to Wood’s Hole for some more! The bridal party met us here for all of the family photos. And everybody gathered back to the family home where Jill and Pete said their vows and were married by Jill’s cousin.


The rest of the afternoon was so laid back, it was great to see a couple who could really relax and enjoy the day. Thank you again guys for including me in your day. It was one to remember, that is for sure!!

IMG_0279BW copyIMG_0286BW copyIMG_0295BW copyIMG_0307BW copyIMG_0307BW copyIMG_0309BW copyIMG_0312BW copyIMG_0314BW copyIMG_0321BW copyIMG_0342BW copyIMG_0354BW copyIMG_0372BW copyIMG_0381BW copyIMG_0394BW copyIMG_0402BW copyIMG_0427BW copyIMG_0454BW copyIMG_0456BW copyIMG_0469BW copyIMG_0473BW copyIMG_0484BW copyIMG_0488BW copyIMG_0496BW copyIMG_0506BW copyIMG_0510BW copyIMG_0515BW copyIMG_0536BW copyIMG_0546BW copyIMG_0558BW copyIMG_0561BW copyIMG_0567BW copyIMG_0589BW copyIMG_0595BW copyIMG_0598BW copyIMG_0616BW copyIMG_0634BW copyIMG_0650BW copyIMG_0677BW copyIMG_0655BW copyIMG_0704BW copyIMG_0669BW copyIMG_0712BW copyIMG_0675BW copyIMG_0716BW copyIMG_0722BW copyIMG_0723BW copyIMG_0728BW copyIMG_0742BW copyIMG_0748BW copyIMG_0755BW copyIMG_0781BW copyIMG_0797BW copyIMG_0810BW copyIMG_0819BW copyIMG_0863BW copyIMG_0869BW copyIMG_0889BW copyIMG_0891BW copyIMG_0913BW copyIMG_0924BW copyIMG_0930BW copyIMG_0950BW copyIMG_0979BW copyIMG_0992BW copyIMG_1013BW copyIMG_1038BW copyIMG_1157BW copyIMG_1050BW copyIMG_1055BW copyIMG_1186BW copyIMG_1067BW copyIMG_1103BW copyIMG_1113BW copyIMG_1137BW copyIMG_1095BW copyIMG_1097BW copyIMG_1240BW copyIMG_1241BW copyIMG_1244BW copyIMG_1246BW copyIMG_1248BW copyIMG_1251BW copyIMG_1253BW copyIMG_1260BW copyIMG_1262BW copyIMG_1266BW copyIMG_1269BW copyIMG_1270BW copyIMG_1272BW copyIMG_1273BW copyIMG_1276BW copyIMG_1279BW copyIMG_1281BW copyIMG_1285BW copyIMG_1294BW copyIMG_1303BW copyIMG_1305BW copyIMG_1306BW copyIMG_1309BW copyIMG_1310BW copyIMG_1311BW copyIMG_1312BW copyIMG_1316BW copyIMG_1317BW copyIMG_1319BW copyIMG_1321BW copyIMG_1325BW copyIMG_1329BW copyIMG_1339BW copyIMG_1340BW copyIMG_1341BW copyIMG_1361BW copyIMG_1372BW copyIMG_1407BW copyIMG_1409BW copyIMG_1415BW copyIMG_1421BW copyIMG_1434BW copyIMG_1439BW copyIMG_1443BW copyIMG_1452BW copyIMG_1462BW copyIMG_1492BW copyIMG_1497BW copyIMG_1528BW copyIMG_1535BW copyIMG_1545BW copyIMG_1550BW copyIMG_1592BW copyIMG_1595BW copyIMG_1606BW copyIMG_1610BW copyIMG_1649BW copyIMG_1658BW copyIMG_1668BW copyIMG_1717BW copyIMG_1721BW copyIMG_1723BW copyIMG_1738BW copyIMG_1743BW copyIMG_1762BW copyIMG_1775BW copyIMG_1798BW copyIMG_1801BW copyIMG_1933BW copyIMG_1828BW copyIMG_1942BW copyIMG_1835BW copyIMG_1953BW copyIMG_1839BW copyIMG_1965BW copyIMG_1843BW copyIMG_2000BW copyIMG_2003BW copyIMG_1853BW copyIMG_2011BW copyIMG_1867BW copyIMG_1882BW copyIMG_2024BW copyIMG_2030BW copyIMG_1883BW copyIMG_2039BW copyIMG_1889BW copyIMG_2059BW copyIMG_1897BW copyIMG_1913BW copyIMG_2060BW copyIMG_1920BW copyIMG_2090BW copyIMG_1925BW copyIMG_2112BW copyIMG_2130BW copyIMG_2172BW copyIMG_2174BW copyIMG_2177BW copyIMG_2199BW copyIMG_2214BW copyIMG_2248BW copyIMG_2269BW copyIMG_2338BW copyIMG_2346BW copy

Courtney and Drew – A Log Cabin Wedding

Courtney and Drew’s wedding was a romantic, rustic affair with a palette of pinks and neutrals! They gathered their closest friends and families at the Log Cabin in Holyoke, Mass, a wedding venue with views to die for! I had never been their before and my heart was won over right away! Their day was filled with smiles and country music!! I think these images speak for themselves with how the day went…. it was perfection!

IMG_9171 copyIMG_9162 copyIMG_9164 copyIMG_9137 copyIMG_9346 copyIMG_9220 copyIMG_9221 copyIMG_9230 copyIMG_9341 copyIMG_9276 copyIMG_9310 copyIMG_9375 copyIMG_9390 copyIMG_9377 copyIMG_9395 copyIMG_9427 copyIMG_9429 copyIMG_9434 copyIMG_9435 copyIMG_9436 copyIMG_9445 copyIMG_9447 copyIMG_9460 copyIMG_9464 copyIMG_9466 copyIMG_9469 copyIMG_9494 copyIMG_9492 copyIMG_9561 copyIMG_9535 copyIMG_9640 copyIMG_9540 copyIMG_9543 copyIMG_9580 copyIMG_9604 copyIMG_9666 copyIMG_9669 copyIMG_9714 copyIMG_9724 copyIMG_9728 copyIMG_9684 copyIMG_9634 copyIMG_9704 copyIMG_9688 copyIMG_9606 copyIMG_9745 copyIMG_9752 copyIMG_9753 copyIMG_9798 copyIMG_9814 copyIMG_9833 copyIMG_9850 copyIMG_9884 copyIMG_9895 copyIMG_9930 copyIMG_0003 copyIMG_9998 copyIMG_9992 copyIMG_9978 copyIMG_9970 copyIMG_9975 copyIMG_0025 copyIMG_0028 copyIMG_0037 copyIMG_0044 copyIMG_9407 copyIMG_9414 copyIMG_9424 copyIMG_9425 copyIMG_9904 copyIMG_9908 copyIMG_9964 copyUntitled-1IMG_9949 copyIMG_9917 copyIMG_9438 copyIMG_9474 copyIMG_9478 copyIMG_9485 copyIMG_9487 copyIMG_9499 copyIMG_9494-2 copyIMG_9939 copyIMG_9517 copyIMG_9509 copyIMG_9533 copyIMG_9547 copyIMG_9549 copyIMG_9588 copyIMG_9596 copyIMG_9601 copyIMG_9604-2 copyIMG_9617 copyIMG_9628 copyIMG_9643 copyIMG_9650 copyIMG_9678 copyIMG_9693 copyIMG_9708 copyIMG_9702 copyIMG_9783 copyIMG_9819 copyIMG_9841 copyIMG_9851 copyIMG_9862 copyIMG_9867 copyIMG_9892 copyIMG_9897 copyIMG_9921 copyIMG_9945 copyIMG_9944 copyIMG_9953 copyIMG_9961 copyIMG_9972 copyIMG_9989 copyIMG_0062 copyIMG_0065 copyIMG_0085 copyIMG_0133 copyIMG_0125 copy

Krystal and Patrick – A Lake Pearl Wedding

August is really starting out with a bang!! Number two of my double wedding weekend may have had rain…. a lot of rain….. But that did not stop us from getting beautiful images!

Krystal and Patrick’s Day took place at Lake Pearl, in Wrentham, MA. The ballroom was set up with pink and navy, with some rustic touches! And hey, I blended right in, with my NAVY dress I was wearing for the day!

The ceremony took place out back….. oh wait…… It had to be moved inside last minute due to rain! Props to the crew at Lake Pearl for HUSTLING in chairs at lightning speed! Patrick definitely got teared up as Krystal walked down the aisle, one of my favorite moments.

Despite it being rainy, we still got to take all of our photos outdoors under some different covered areas. (Photographer’s LOVE outdoor plan b options for rain! It’s so nice still having beautiful scenery and light even though it’s bad weather.)


Krystal and Patrick danced the afternoon away with all of their family and friends. Thank you for sharing your day with me, guys!

IMG_8788 copyIMG_8782 copyIMG_8805 copyIMG_8767 copyIMG_8827 copyIMG_8883 copy5M0A4024 copy5M0A4011 copy5M0A4020 copyIMG_8959 copyIMG_8943 copyIMG_8964 copyIMG_8997 copyIMG_9018 copyIMG_9022 copyIMG_9028 copyIMG_9077 copy5M0A4227 copy5M0A4207 copyIMG_9079 copyIMG_9089 copy5M0A4256 copyIMG_9131 copyIMG_9142 copyIMG_9157 copyIMG_9179 copyIMG_9184 copyIMG_9186 copyIMG_9191 copyIMG_9200 copyIMG_9212 copyIMG_9215 copyIMG_9229 copyIMG_9252 copyIMG_9265 copyIMG_9271 copyIMG_9274 copyIMG_9278 copyIMG_9287 copyIMG_9291 copyIMG_9293 copyIMG_9297 copyIMG_9309 copyIMG_9312 copyIMG_9341 copyIMG_9344 copyIMG_9361 copyIMG_9366 copyIMG_9381 copyIMG_9390 copyIMG_9405 copyIMG_9414 copyIMG_9429 copyIMG_9445 copyIMG_9448 copyIMG_9471 copyIMG_9481 copyIMG_9490 copyIMG_9534 copyIMG_9498 copyIMG_9536 copyIMG_9506 copyIMG_9542 copyIMG_9510 copyIMG_9551 copyIMG_9555 copyIMG_9572 copyIMG_9576 copyIMG_9581 copyIMG_9586 copyIMG_9593 copyIMG_8913 copyIMG_8919 copyIMG_8922 copyIMG_8916 copyIMG_8924 copyIMG_8931 copyIMG_8934 copyIMG_8935 copyIMG_8936 copyIMG_9628 copyIMG_9636 copyIMG_9676 copyIMG_9694 copyIMG_9695 copyIMG_9707 copyIMG_9712 copyIMG_9729 copyIMG_9736 copyIMG_9740 copyIMG_9754 copyIMG_9760 copyIMG_9772 copyIMG_9773 copyIMG_9821 copyIMG_9836 copyIMG_9843 copyIMG_9859 copyIMG_9860 copyIMG_9878 copyIMG_9883 copyIMG_9884 copyIMG_9996 copyIMG_9997 copyIMG_0016 copyIMG_0017 copyIMG_0023 copyIMG_0045 copyIMG_0060 copyIMG_0068 copyIMG_0117 copy

Ariel and Ben – A Publick House Wedding

I had the honor of watching my childhood friend get married this August!! It’s always so fun having a mini reunion photographing past friends. When Ariel emailed me I was super excited to hear from her!


Ben and Ariel were a breeze to work with from our first meeting until the last dance. You could tell they were so excited to be married, and were never stressed over details. Speaking of details….

The Plaid Suit

Ariel’s Dress and Hair

The Flowers

The Venue

…… I LOVED THEM ALL. It was easy to get beautiful photographs with the details I got to work with.


Thank you for sharing your day with me, guys!!! Congrats!


IMG_7380 copyIMG_7397 copyIMG_7345 copyIMG_7388 copyIMG_7374 copyIMG_7412 copyIMG_7422 copyIMG_7429 copyIMG_7438 copyIMG_7490 copyIMG_7519 copyIMG_7529 copyIMG_7559 copyIMG_7569 copyIMG_7573 copyIMG_7589 copyIMG_7592 copyIMG_7596 copyIMG_7648 copyIMG_7662 copyIMG_7665 copyIMG_7674 copyIMG_7678 copyIMG_7683 copyIMG_7690 copyIMG_7698 copyIMG_7717 copy0S8A9600 copyIMG_7722 copyIMG_7735 copyIMG_7739 copyIMG_7748 copyIMG_7756 copyIMG_7763 copyIMG_7790 copyIMG_7794 copyIMG_7797 copyIMG_7812 copyIMG_7815 copyIMG_7838 copyIMG_7890 copyIMG_7902 copyIMG_7930 copyIMG_7940 copyIMG_7942 copyIMG_7953 copyIMG_7960 copyIMG_7969 copyIMG_7972 copyIMG_7979 copyIMG_7984 copyIMG_7991 copyIMG_7992 copyIMG_7998 copyIMG_8001 copy0S8A9642 copy0S8A9644 copy0S8A9657 copy0S8A9664 copyIMG_8006 copyIMG_8010 copyIMG_8013 copyIMG_8018 copyIMG_8021 copyIMG_8029 copyIMG_8033 copyIMG_8038 copyIMG_8042 copyIMG_8055 copyIMG_8061 copyIMG_8074 copyIMG_8078 copyIMG_8085 copyIMG_8093 copyIMG_8096 copyIMG_8101 copyIMG_8113 copyIMG_8116 copyIMG_8120 copyIMG_8131 copyIMG_8133 copyIMG_8136 copyIMG_8140 copyIMG_8151 copyIMG_8152 copyIMG_8159 copyIMG_8191 copyIMG_8193 copyIMG_8199 copyIMG_8202 copyIMG_8221 copyIMG_8233 copyIMG_8244 copyIMG_8245 copyIMG_8246 copyIMG_8249 copyIMG_8261 copyIMG_8288 copyIMG_8317 copyIMG_8321 copyIMG_8326 copyIMG_8393 copyIMG_8397 copyIMG_8408 copyIMG_8416 copyIMG_8429 copyIMG_8440 copyIMG_8589 copyIMG_8609 copyIMG_8617 copyIMG_8740 copy0S8A9927 copy