Ariel and Ben – A Publick House Wedding

I had the honor of watching my childhood friend get married this August!! It’s always so fun having a mini reunion photographing past friends. When Ariel emailed me I was super excited to hear from her!


Ben and Ariel were a breeze to work with from our first meeting until the last dance. You could tell they were so excited to be married, and were never stressed over details. Speaking of details….

The Plaid Suit

Ariel’s Dress and Hair

The Flowers

The Venue

…… I LOVED THEM ALL. It was easy to get beautiful photographs with the details I got to work with.


Thank you for sharing your day with me, guys!!! Congrats!


IMG_7380 copyIMG_7397 copyIMG_7345 copyIMG_7388 copyIMG_7374 copyIMG_7412 copyIMG_7422 copyIMG_7429 copyIMG_7438 copyIMG_7490 copyIMG_7519 copyIMG_7529 copyIMG_7559 copyIMG_7569 copyIMG_7573 copyIMG_7589 copyIMG_7592 copyIMG_7596 copyIMG_7648 copyIMG_7662 copyIMG_7665 copyIMG_7674 copyIMG_7678 copyIMG_7683 copyIMG_7690 copyIMG_7698 copyIMG_7717 copy0S8A9600 copyIMG_7722 copyIMG_7735 copyIMG_7739 copyIMG_7748 copyIMG_7756 copyIMG_7763 copyIMG_7790 copyIMG_7794 copyIMG_7797 copyIMG_7812 copyIMG_7815 copyIMG_7838 copyIMG_7890 copyIMG_7902 copyIMG_7930 copyIMG_7940 copyIMG_7942 copyIMG_7953 copyIMG_7960 copyIMG_7969 copyIMG_7972 copyIMG_7979 copyIMG_7984 copyIMG_7991 copyIMG_7992 copyIMG_7998 copyIMG_8001 copy0S8A9642 copy0S8A9644 copy0S8A9657 copy0S8A9664 copyIMG_8006 copyIMG_8010 copyIMG_8013 copyIMG_8018 copyIMG_8021 copyIMG_8029 copyIMG_8033 copyIMG_8038 copyIMG_8042 copyIMG_8055 copyIMG_8061 copyIMG_8074 copyIMG_8078 copyIMG_8085 copyIMG_8093 copyIMG_8096 copyIMG_8101 copyIMG_8113 copyIMG_8116 copyIMG_8120 copyIMG_8131 copyIMG_8133 copyIMG_8136 copyIMG_8140 copyIMG_8151 copyIMG_8152 copyIMG_8159 copyIMG_8191 copyIMG_8193 copyIMG_8199 copyIMG_8202 copyIMG_8221 copyIMG_8233 copyIMG_8244 copyIMG_8245 copyIMG_8246 copyIMG_8249 copyIMG_8261 copyIMG_8288 copyIMG_8317 copyIMG_8321 copyIMG_8326 copyIMG_8393 copyIMG_8397 copyIMG_8408 copyIMG_8416 copyIMG_8429 copyIMG_8440 copyIMG_8589 copyIMG_8609 copyIMG_8617 copyIMG_8740 copy0S8A9927 copy

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