Krystal and Patrick – A Lake Pearl Wedding

August is really starting out with a bang!! Number two of my double wedding weekend may have had rain…. a lot of rain….. But that did not stop us from getting beautiful images!

Krystal and Patrick’s Day took place at Lake Pearl, in Wrentham, MA. The ballroom was set up with pink and navy, with some rustic touches! And hey, I blended right in, with my NAVY dress I was wearing for the day!

The ceremony took place out back….. oh wait…… It had to be moved inside last minute due to rain! Props to the crew at Lake Pearl for HUSTLING in chairs at lightning speed! Patrick definitely got teared up as Krystal walked down the aisle, one of my favorite moments.

Despite it being rainy, we still got to take all of our photos outdoors under some different covered areas. (Photographer’s LOVE outdoor plan b options for rain! It’s so nice still having beautiful scenery and light even though it’s bad weather.)


Krystal and Patrick danced the afternoon away with all of their family and friends. Thank you for sharing your day with me, guys!

IMG_8788 copyIMG_8782 copyIMG_8805 copyIMG_8767 copyIMG_8827 copyIMG_8883 copy5M0A4024 copy5M0A4011 copy5M0A4020 copyIMG_8959 copyIMG_8943 copyIMG_8964 copyIMG_8997 copyIMG_9018 copyIMG_9022 copyIMG_9028 copyIMG_9077 copy5M0A4227 copy5M0A4207 copyIMG_9079 copyIMG_9089 copy5M0A4256 copyIMG_9131 copyIMG_9142 copyIMG_9157 copyIMG_9179 copyIMG_9184 copyIMG_9186 copyIMG_9191 copyIMG_9200 copyIMG_9212 copyIMG_9215 copyIMG_9229 copyIMG_9252 copyIMG_9265 copyIMG_9271 copyIMG_9274 copyIMG_9278 copyIMG_9287 copyIMG_9291 copyIMG_9293 copyIMG_9297 copyIMG_9309 copyIMG_9312 copyIMG_9341 copyIMG_9344 copyIMG_9361 copyIMG_9366 copyIMG_9381 copyIMG_9390 copyIMG_9405 copyIMG_9414 copyIMG_9429 copyIMG_9445 copyIMG_9448 copyIMG_9471 copyIMG_9481 copyIMG_9490 copyIMG_9534 copyIMG_9498 copyIMG_9536 copyIMG_9506 copyIMG_9542 copyIMG_9510 copyIMG_9551 copyIMG_9555 copyIMG_9572 copyIMG_9576 copyIMG_9581 copyIMG_9586 copyIMG_9593 copyIMG_8913 copyIMG_8919 copyIMG_8922 copyIMG_8916 copyIMG_8924 copyIMG_8931 copyIMG_8934 copyIMG_8935 copyIMG_8936 copyIMG_9628 copyIMG_9636 copyIMG_9676 copyIMG_9694 copyIMG_9695 copyIMG_9707 copyIMG_9712 copyIMG_9729 copyIMG_9736 copyIMG_9740 copyIMG_9754 copyIMG_9760 copyIMG_9772 copyIMG_9773 copyIMG_9821 copyIMG_9836 copyIMG_9843 copyIMG_9859 copyIMG_9860 copyIMG_9878 copyIMG_9883 copyIMG_9884 copyIMG_9996 copyIMG_9997 copyIMG_0016 copyIMG_0017 copyIMG_0023 copyIMG_0045 copyIMG_0060 copyIMG_0068 copyIMG_0117 copy

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