Courtney and Drew – A Log Cabin Wedding

Courtney and Drew’s wedding was a romantic, rustic affair with a palette of pinks and neutrals! They gathered their closest friends and families at the Log Cabin in Holyoke, Mass, a wedding venue with views to die for! I had never been their before and my heart was won over right away! Their day was filled with smiles and country music!! I think these images speak for themselves with how the day went…. it was perfection!

IMG_9171 copyIMG_9162 copyIMG_9164 copyIMG_9137 copyIMG_9346 copyIMG_9220 copyIMG_9221 copyIMG_9230 copyIMG_9341 copyIMG_9276 copyIMG_9310 copyIMG_9375 copyIMG_9390 copyIMG_9377 copyIMG_9395 copyIMG_9427 copyIMG_9429 copyIMG_9434 copyIMG_9435 copyIMG_9436 copyIMG_9445 copyIMG_9447 copyIMG_9460 copyIMG_9464 copyIMG_9466 copyIMG_9469 copyIMG_9494 copyIMG_9492 copyIMG_9561 copyIMG_9535 copyIMG_9640 copyIMG_9540 copyIMG_9543 copyIMG_9580 copyIMG_9604 copyIMG_9666 copyIMG_9669 copyIMG_9714 copyIMG_9724 copyIMG_9728 copyIMG_9684 copyIMG_9634 copyIMG_9704 copyIMG_9688 copyIMG_9606 copyIMG_9745 copyIMG_9752 copyIMG_9753 copyIMG_9798 copyIMG_9814 copyIMG_9833 copyIMG_9850 copyIMG_9884 copyIMG_9895 copyIMG_9930 copyIMG_0003 copyIMG_9998 copyIMG_9992 copyIMG_9978 copyIMG_9970 copyIMG_9975 copyIMG_0025 copyIMG_0028 copyIMG_0037 copyIMG_0044 copyIMG_9407 copyIMG_9414 copyIMG_9424 copyIMG_9425 copyIMG_9904 copyIMG_9908 copyIMG_9964 copyUntitled-1IMG_9949 copyIMG_9917 copyIMG_9438 copyIMG_9474 copyIMG_9478 copyIMG_9485 copyIMG_9487 copyIMG_9499 copyIMG_9494-2 copyIMG_9939 copyIMG_9517 copyIMG_9509 copyIMG_9533 copyIMG_9547 copyIMG_9549 copyIMG_9588 copyIMG_9596 copyIMG_9601 copyIMG_9604-2 copyIMG_9617 copyIMG_9628 copyIMG_9643 copyIMG_9650 copyIMG_9678 copyIMG_9693 copyIMG_9708 copyIMG_9702 copyIMG_9783 copyIMG_9819 copyIMG_9841 copyIMG_9851 copyIMG_9862 copyIMG_9867 copyIMG_9892 copyIMG_9897 copyIMG_9921 copyIMG_9945 copyIMG_9944 copyIMG_9953 copyIMG_9961 copyIMG_9972 copyIMG_9989 copyIMG_0062 copyIMG_0065 copyIMG_0085 copyIMG_0133 copyIMG_0125 copy

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