Jill and Pete – An Intimate Cape Cod Wedding

Here it is!!! The long awaited for gigantic blog post! I’m not sure I have ever included this many image before…. Probably because I rarely get HOURS worth of bridal and family portraits! Normally I have minutes!

Jill and Pete are highschool sweethearts who got married at Jill’s family Cape house. Everything about the day and decor was just a little bit different than the norm…. AND I LOVED IT. It was truly one of those days where I said to myself “Working hard…. Or Hardly Working?” 

We started with a first look at Nobska Lighthouse in Falmouth, MA. We got to take some portraits there and then drive to Wood’s Hole for some more! The bridal party met us here for all of the family photos. And everybody gathered back to the family home where Jill and Pete said their vows and were married by Jill’s cousin.


The rest of the afternoon was so laid back, it was great to see a couple who could really relax and enjoy the day. Thank you again guys for including me in your day. It was one to remember, that is for sure!!

IMG_0279BW copyIMG_0286BW copyIMG_0295BW copyIMG_0307BW copyIMG_0307BW copyIMG_0309BW copyIMG_0312BW copyIMG_0314BW copyIMG_0321BW copyIMG_0342BW copyIMG_0354BW copyIMG_0372BW copyIMG_0381BW copyIMG_0394BW copyIMG_0402BW copyIMG_0427BW copyIMG_0454BW copyIMG_0456BW copyIMG_0469BW copyIMG_0473BW copyIMG_0484BW copyIMG_0488BW copyIMG_0496BW copyIMG_0506BW copyIMG_0510BW copyIMG_0515BW copyIMG_0536BW copyIMG_0546BW copyIMG_0558BW copyIMG_0561BW copyIMG_0567BW copyIMG_0589BW copyIMG_0595BW copyIMG_0598BW copyIMG_0616BW copyIMG_0634BW copyIMG_0650BW copyIMG_0677BW copyIMG_0655BW copyIMG_0704BW copyIMG_0669BW copyIMG_0712BW copyIMG_0675BW copyIMG_0716BW copyIMG_0722BW copyIMG_0723BW copyIMG_0728BW copyIMG_0742BW copyIMG_0748BW copyIMG_0755BW copyIMG_0781BW copyIMG_0797BW copyIMG_0810BW copyIMG_0819BW copyIMG_0863BW copyIMG_0869BW copyIMG_0889BW copyIMG_0891BW copyIMG_0913BW copyIMG_0924BW copyIMG_0930BW copyIMG_0950BW copyIMG_0979BW copyIMG_0992BW copyIMG_1013BW copyIMG_1038BW copyIMG_1157BW copyIMG_1050BW copyIMG_1055BW copyIMG_1186BW copyIMG_1067BW copyIMG_1103BW copyIMG_1113BW copyIMG_1137BW copyIMG_1095BW copyIMG_1097BW copyIMG_1240BW copyIMG_1241BW copyIMG_1244BW copyIMG_1246BW copyIMG_1248BW copyIMG_1251BW copyIMG_1253BW copyIMG_1260BW copyIMG_1262BW copyIMG_1266BW copyIMG_1269BW copyIMG_1270BW copyIMG_1272BW copyIMG_1273BW copyIMG_1276BW copyIMG_1279BW copyIMG_1281BW copyIMG_1285BW copyIMG_1294BW copyIMG_1303BW copyIMG_1305BW copyIMG_1306BW copyIMG_1309BW copyIMG_1310BW copyIMG_1311BW copyIMG_1312BW copyIMG_1316BW copyIMG_1317BW copyIMG_1319BW copyIMG_1321BW copyIMG_1325BW copyIMG_1329BW copyIMG_1339BW copyIMG_1340BW copyIMG_1341BW copyIMG_1361BW copyIMG_1372BW copyIMG_1407BW copyIMG_1409BW copyIMG_1415BW copyIMG_1421BW copyIMG_1434BW copyIMG_1439BW copyIMG_1443BW copyIMG_1452BW copyIMG_1462BW copyIMG_1492BW copyIMG_1497BW copyIMG_1528BW copyIMG_1535BW copyIMG_1545BW copyIMG_1550BW copyIMG_1592BW copyIMG_1595BW copyIMG_1606BW copyIMG_1610BW copyIMG_1649BW copyIMG_1658BW copyIMG_1668BW copyIMG_1717BW copyIMG_1721BW copyIMG_1723BW copyIMG_1738BW copyIMG_1743BW copyIMG_1762BW copyIMG_1775BW copyIMG_1798BW copyIMG_1801BW copyIMG_1933BW copyIMG_1828BW copyIMG_1942BW copyIMG_1835BW copyIMG_1953BW copyIMG_1839BW copyIMG_1965BW copyIMG_1843BW copyIMG_2000BW copyIMG_2003BW copyIMG_1853BW copyIMG_2011BW copyIMG_1867BW copyIMG_1882BW copyIMG_2024BW copyIMG_2030BW copyIMG_1883BW copyIMG_2039BW copyIMG_1889BW copyIMG_2059BW copyIMG_1897BW copyIMG_1913BW copyIMG_2060BW copyIMG_1920BW copyIMG_2090BW copyIMG_1925BW copyIMG_2112BW copyIMG_2130BW copyIMG_2172BW copyIMG_2174BW copyIMG_2177BW copyIMG_2199BW copyIMG_2214BW copyIMG_2248BW copyIMG_2269BW copyIMG_2338BW copyIMG_2346BW copy

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