Intimate Backyard Wedding – Cat and Larry

Saturday afternoon I walked down a path through the woods to a backyard wedding and had no clue what to expect! Larry and Cat got married at their home in Taunton, MA surrounded by their closest family and friends. (From near and far!) Complete with multiple yard games and chickens running around! Everything about their day was just a little bit different, which was so refreshing. Then guests danced the night away to an authentic Scottish band! Happy September, everybody! Thanks for checking out this fun wedding!


IMG_3001 copyIMG_3945 copyIMG_3011 copyIMG_3061 copyIMG_3023 copyIMG_3019 copyIMG_3026 copyIMG_3033 copyIMG_3040 copyIMG_3042 copyIMG_3064 copyIMG_3014 copyIMG_3045 copyIMG_3046 copyIMG_3052 copyIMG_3542 copyIMG_3543 copyIMG_3545 copyIMG_3626 copyIMG_3614 copyIMG_3662 copyIMG_3795 copyIMG_3731 copyIMG_3736 copyIMG_3739 copyIMG_3119 copyIMG_3121 copyIMG_3136 copyIMG_3161 copyIMG_3171 copyIMG_3174 copyIMG_3196 copyIMG_3200 copyIMG_3220 copyIMG_3224 copyIMG_3206 copyIMG_3217 copyIMG_3230 copyIMG_3244 copyIMG_3302 copyIMG_3290 copyIMG_3306 copyIMG_3312 copyIMG_3333 copyIMG_3350 copyIMG_3370 copyIMG_3373 copyIMG_3377 copyIMG_3388 copyIMG_3395 copyIMG_3531 copyIMG_3403 copyIMG_3409 copyIMG_3418 copyIMG_3426 copyIMG_3597 copyIMG_3432 copyIMG_3439 copyIMG_3498 copyIMG_3638 copyIMG_3663 copyIMG_3665 copyIMG_3668 copyIMG_3674 copyIMG_3679 copyIMG_3688 copyIMG_3697 copyIMG_3701 copyIMG_3704 copyIMG_3711 copyIMG_3716 copyIMG_3721 copyIMG_3860 copyIMG_3878 copyIMG_3897 copyIMG_3906 copyIMG_3955 copyIMG_3966 copyIMG_4072 copyIMG_4091 copyIMG_4116 copyIMG_4124 copyIMG_4178 copyIMG_4194 copyIMG_4266 copyIMG_4271 copyIMG_4284 copyIMG_4291 copyIMG_4320 copyIMG_4328 copyIMG_4343 copyIMG_4355 copyIMG_4360 copyIMG_4462 copyIMG_4489 copy

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