Shannon and Patrick – A Harrington Farm Wedding

Shannon and Patrick said their vows among the fog at Harrington Farm in Princeton, MA. Soft pastel purples and wildflowers complimented the venue perfectly. Upstairs in the Inn is where they both got ready surrounded by family and friends. Shannon’s flowing simple gown with a darling sweetheart neckline, and bow tied in the back hung in the background while the girls drank champagne! The ceremony took place in this amazing tent out back, and despite not being able to get married in their original spot, under the arbor, they could still see the arbor from the spot under the tent where they got married. The rain held out while we took family and formal portraits. Mother Nature was definitely on their side (and my side!) during that time. I have to say, I have not yet had a wedding where there was SO MUCH fog, and it made for some pretty epic portraits! Looked like a misty fairytale. Once we finished, the reception took place inside the banquet hall, which was stunning with a large stone fireplace as the centerpiece. We snuck outside during the reception to take a few last portraits by Shannon’s favorite flowers! (Black Eyed Susies!) Followed by a bubble send off to their limo. It goes to show that you really never know what the weather will be on your wedding day! But if you are flexible, you can get some really stunning photos regardless. Enjoy! – Samantha BJ1A9945 copyBJ1A9950 copyBJ1A9957 copyBJ1A0014 copyBJ1A0015 copyBJ1A0021 copyBJ1A0076 copyBJ1A0079 copyBJ1A0065 copyBJ1A0139 copyBJ1A0102 copyBJ1A0157 copyBJ1A0164 copyBJ1A0167 copyBJ1A0174 copyBJ1A0224 copyBJ1A0228 copyBJ1A0243 copyBJ1A0282 copyBJ1A0272 copyBJ1A0312 copyBJ1A0308 copyBJ1A0371 copyBJ1A0364 copyBJ1A0389 copyBJ1A0398 copyBJ1A0401 copyBJ1A0403 copyBJ1A0418 copyBJ1A0440 copyBJ1A0444 copyBJ1A0452 copyBJ1A0469 copyBJ1A0481 copyBJ1A0522 copyBJ1A0539 copyBJ1A0543 copyBJ1A0550 copyBJ1A0555 copyBJ1A0585 copyBJ1A0609 copyBJ1A0650 copyBJ1A0669 copyBJ1A0679 copyBJ1A0690 copyBJ1A0695 copyBJ1A0716 copyBJ1A0734 copyBJ1A0745 copyBJ1A0757 copyBJ1A0769 copyBJ1A0784 copyBJ1A0794 copyBJ1A0799 copyBJ1A0806 copyBJ1A0817 copyBJ1A0872 copyBJ1A0875 copyBJ1A0880 copyBJ1A0910 copyBJ1A0918 copyBJ1A0012 copyBJ1A9964 copyBJ1A9967 copyBJ1A9976 copyBJ1A0041 copyBJ1A9978 copyBJ1A9981 copyBJ1A9985 copyBJ1A9988 copyBJ1A9991 copyBJ1A0930 copyBJ1A1419 copyBJ1A0999 copyBJ1A1005 copyBJ1A1032 copyBJ1A1037 copyBJ1A1063 copyBJ1A1066 copyBJ1A1090 copyBJ1A1109 copyBJ1A1128 copyBJ1A1266 copyBJ1A1288 copyBJ1A1316 copyBJ1A1336 copyBJ1A1330 copyBJ1A0063 copyBJ1A0068 copyBJ1A0023 copyBJ1A0104 copyBJ1A0010 copyBJ1A0033 copyBJ1A0036 copyBJ1A0158 copyBJ1A0198 copyBJ1A0217 copyBJ1A0223 copyBJ1A0248 copyBJ1A0280 copyBJ1A1396 copyBJ1A1462 copyBJ1A1474 copyBJ1A1521 copyBJ1A1529 copyBJ1A0339 copy

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